Henry Ford And The Ford Motor Company Essay

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No one would have ever guessed that a boy born in a farm on July 30, 1863 Detroit, Michigan into a family of six would become one of the greatest industrialists of all times. Henry Ford at the age of 16 left his home to work as a machinist in the city of Detroit. Few years later, he was hired as an engineer at an illuminating company and got promoted to chief engineer after he proved his potential. While he was working at the illuminating company he constructed his first Quadricycle in 1896 and Thomas Edison encouraged Ford to go ahead with his plan and build a second better model.
Henry Ford established the Ford Motor Company in 1903. In his years with the company he has had great success because of the leadership style with which he carries out those responsibilities. One of the reasons for me to choose Henry Ford for my paper is because both Henry Ford and I have same MBTI result of ESTJ. Of the many theories, styles and traits that have been used to describe leadership over the years, leadership traits of being innovative and realistic, but optimistic leader, The Ohio State, Leadership Grid, and Michigan Leadership studies describes Ford’s leadership the best.
Most of people around the world refer to Henry ford as the “Father of Cars” assuming that he was the inventor of modern car which is wrong assumption since Karl Benz is the first person to invent modern car. The reason for the wrong assumption is because Henry Ford was the first person that made cars accessible…

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