Essay about Henry Fleming 's The Soldier

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Henry Fleming: He is the novel’s main character. He enlists in the military and continues to alter his plans and goals throughout his military career. He calls the soldiers’ wounds “red badges of courage.”

Tattered Soldier: He is Henry’s support system during Henry’s flee from conflict. The tattered soldier and Henry stay together and witness Conklin’s death before Henry deserts him after the soldier’s questions regarding why Henry is with him persist.

Jim Conklin: He initially spreads the word Henry’s regiment will fight, fueling Henry’s fear and anxiety. Eventually, Jim meets with Henry again, only after Jim has been wounded. However, Jim later dies before the eyes of Henry and the tattered soldier.

The Lieutenant: He is Henry’s leader when Henry returns to conflict. He is greatly impressed with Henry’s actions and supports Henry’s moral and motivation.

The General: He claims that the soldiers are not up-to-par for victory. His spiteful words inspire Henry to do and be more than what the general has proposed for the army.

Civil War: This is when the novel takes place, with fictional battles taking place

Riverside: This is where Henry and his colleagues must wait to be called into action. It is here he meets Jim Conklin and fears the merciless future.

The Wounded Soldier March: Here is where Henry meets the Tattered Soldier and witnesses Jim’s death.

The Red Badge of Courage serves to remind readers of the truths of life and the value of an optimistic outlook.…

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