Henry David Thoreau 's Where I Lived And What You Lived For Essay

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Dr. Steve Maraboli once said, "Let today be the day you finally release yourself from the imprisonment of past grudges and anger. Simplify your life. Let go of the poisonous past and live the abundantly beautiful present... today". Dr. Maraboli’s views are similar to those of Thoreau, as he claims that leading a simplistic life will free one from the chains holding them back. In Henry David Thoreau’s “Where I Lived and What I Lived for”, Thoreau believes society creates the chains holding down individuals from reaching a higher order; society creates imprisonment, grudges, and anger. Throughout his article, “Where I Lived and What I Lived for”, Thoreau discusses the ways society holds back individuals, by explaining his dislike for the modern technology and political practices. Thoreau protested modernism by publicly protesting, and isolating himself from society. Thoreau believes separating oneself from society can break the chains that are created by society. Thoreau’s beliefs can be represented in Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave”, in which three men, who have never been exposed to society, are exposed to the world. “The Allegory of the Cave” presents the men’s expressions, as well as the issues that come with a close minded view on life. As in the “Allegory of the Cave”, Thoreau believed that when people got away from society, they were able to clear their minds, and they are able to focus on what is important. The chains or distractions that Thoreau speaks of, that are…

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