Henry David Thoreau : An American Poet Essay

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A particular attitude toward or a way of regarding something is known as perspective. When it comes to perspective on life most people have a group or code of beliefs they follow. During the mid-eighteenth to nineteenth century many brilliant minds came to surface as the faces of many different social movements. One of these brilliant minds was a man known as Henry David Thoreau. Thoreau was an American essayist whose brilliant works are still popular among the people of today. In his time, his works of literature were his way of expressing his outlook on life and the morals he believed. There were many social movements surrounding Thoreau that inspired his works. In particular, he was part of a movement known as transcendentalism. Transcendentalism, when first started, was a whole new way of life to most people during the time. It provided a different outlook on ethics and provided perspective on what was really important in life. Living in the mid eighteenth century human nature was what the newly founded transcendentalists called “old school”. The dissatisfaction of the Unitarianism began a social movement that would spark the interests of intelligent people worldwide. The newly adopted beliefs acted as a rebellion against the older generation of the time. While the old generation believed in science based idea and focused on material things, the new generation widened their horizon. Transcendentalists, like the name itself, presented their way of life as if it were…

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