Henrik Ibsen 's A Doll 's House Essay

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Henrik Ibsen’s ‘A Doll’s House’ thematic emphasis on the dependency of money and extravagant wealth is explored through the relationships between characters and how they respectively view money. Wealth, and the glamorisation of excessive lifestyles are expressed within Nora and Torvald’s relationship through Nora’s unbridled enthusiasm regarding the prospect of Torvald receiving a higher salary. However additionally expressed through their relationship is yet another outlet in which Torvald exercises his authoritative dominance over Nora, and money is another aspect of their lives in which he dictates the use of. Though despite these constraints that Torvald enforces onto Nora, money liberates her in the sense that through her management of the loan that she attempted to hide from Torvald, she discovers a hidden aspect of herself, that being her independence and power as a woman. Within the play, the loan and management of money are undeniable factors that initiate major contentions, that being Nora’s oppression, and Torvalds materialistic and superficial lifestyle.

The first act of the play sees Nora celebrating the idea of their family’s continued financial success, and her treatment of Torvalds promotion demonstrates her tendency to financially be heavily dependent on Torvald. The different perspectives regarding money between Nora and Torvald are revealed early within the play. Whilst she desires to openly splurge money during the holiday season as she states that…

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