Henreitta Lacks Essay

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Kirsten Richardson
My Side of the Mountain
January 25, 2015 The outdoor field trip I had with the students of East Buchanan was amazing! It blew my mind on much the students were able to link the book to the field trip together. I believe that students should learn survival skills just like Sam did in the book, even though some parts of the book where not realistic. Students of all ages should learn certain survival skills for living, because you may never know when they might be needed. The outdoor day at Fontana is a great for students to learn some of those skills, but also using the book “My Side of the Mountain”. At first I didn’t know what to expect, but I will say it was great experience to attend. I would have to say that
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The way the students got so excited and were looking for sticks to help build was a great experience to see. I know a few of the boys where breaking branches off from the trees that were still living; I used that as a teachable moment. I told the boys to look about on the ground and even pointed out good sticks for building and said we have all the materials needed right here on the ground. I remember one of the boys said “She is right!” and they started to pick up sticks that where already on the ground. I made me feel good as a teacher being out in the woods with the students and helping them find materials, instead of standing by the shelter and giving them “orders”. I liked how the students could somewhat relate to how Sam built his shelter on the mountain, however in reality there probably not have a small fireplace. A more realistic shelter would use a source of fire, sticks, and other flammable materials. The last exciting about for me was the people that helped out with the outdoor day. The gentleman in the first group that took the students on a GPS finder is super nice and also very friendly with students and the helpers. I liked how he kept asking the students question about the satellites in outer space, how many there are, how has more satellites; it made the students make real life connections. I would also say the lady in in the shelter building activity was

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