Hendrick Medical Center Is A Financially Stable, Regional Health And Medical System

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Hendrick Medical Center is located in Abilene, Texas and has been established for the past nine decades. Hendrick Medical center mission states that the staff will “deliver high quality healthcare emphasizing excellence and compassion consistent with the healing ministry of Jesus Christ” (Hendrick Health System, n.d.). The vision of Hendrick Medical Center is to “be a financially stable, regional health and medical system providing quality comprehensive services with optimal outcomes that meet the evolving needs of the citizens of the Big Country, maintaining a safe and productive work environment for our employees and physicians” (Hendrick Health System, n.d.). Hendrick’s values to fulfill the mission is through integrity, teamwork and quality.

Hendrick Health System Project 2010 spent $86 million to expand it’s facility by 325,000 square feet featuring improvements in pediatrics to surgery and the parking lot which completed in 2012 (Bethel, 2012). Some of the upgrades to Hendrick Medical Center including the “main entrance, parking, lobby, administrations and gift shop; a 20-bed children’s hospital; an eight-bed birthing center; a surgery center with 12 operaint rooms; two floors of physicians’ office space; a wond care center; a new dialysis unit; an expanded infusion unit and new lab space” (ENR Texas & Louisiana, 2010). Hendrick Medical Center is a 500-bed facility that has expanded to accommodate more patients and as well as the Patty Hanks School of…

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