Hemingway Exhibits Realism Through His Short Stories Essay

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Hemingway exhibits realism through his short stories. The first “In Another Country,” begins with a description of the setting. He describes Milan in the fall as well as the possible ways to get to the hospital. He says through his narrator, “The hospital was very old and very beautiful, and you entered a gate and walked across a courtyard and out a gate on the other side . . . Beyond the old hospital were the new brick pavilions, and there we met every afternoon and were all very polite and interested in what was the matter, and sat in the machines that were to make so much difference” (Hemingway ?). These descriptive details aid the reader in realizing this place not only for oneself but as this character as well. The reader is able to imagine this place with the shops full of hunted animals with the wind blowing past. It is a place set in their reality yet through the narrator’s eyes the reader learns a bit about him as well. This focus in this description, though thorough, allows the reader into this character’s mind bit by bit. He was in the war, has an interest in hunting, and he must go to the hospital so often he has marked out the different methods of getting there. This is a real person that even from the very beginning can be pieced together.
Within the short story “A Day’s Wait,” the story of a sick, young boy is told. Despite having very little details about the boy, he is depicted in a full, realistic manner. When the doctor comes to look over him and take his…

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