Essay on Helping Victims Of Sex Trafficking

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Shared Hope International helps to restore victims through multiple programs and services. They provide financial support to local organizations around the world that assist in the long-term care of victims and those vulnerable to becoming trafficked. Shared Hope International launched the National Restoration Initiative, this initiative was put into place to help with the ongoing development of shelters and services in America for victims of sex trafficking. This organization also has partner programs in the United States, Nepal, Jamaica, and India. With these partner programs, they are providing shelters, education, job training, therapeutic therapy and much more to victims. Shared Hope International’s goal is to restore the victim’s lives and help them to continue on the right path (Shared Hope International, 2016).
Lastly, Shared Hope International uses their efforts to bring justice to victims of sex trafficking. They are the only organization that does a comprehensive study on each state’s laws on sex trafficking. Each state is graded based on six key components; criminalization for the exploitation of minors, criminal penalties for buyers, traffickers, facilitators, protection of victims and criminal justice tools to investigate and prosecute. Depending on whether a state has the following will determine what letter grade they receive. Shared Hope International has raised the letter grade in nine states so far. They help to create bills, advocate for the bill and…

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