Helping The Children By Mary Ellen Wilson Essay

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Helping The Children:
What if we still lived in a society that allowed abuse and neglect? Luckily, things are very different from how they were years ago. In the 1800’s this was okay and no one ever attempted to put a stop to it. Also, The people who were usually being abused were children, along with animals! If we did this in the society we live in today it would be very substantial. But, up until 1877 no one ever cared enough to stop it or fight against it. It may be hard to believe that this happened, even right here in the U.S. But, it did very often. And, while it does still happens today, there is now immensive punishments. But, years ago, people could get away with it each and everyday just like the guardian of Mary Ellen Wilson did for her whole childhood. Mary Ellen Wilson’s father died when she was young and shortly after this her mother went into poverty. After deciding this was not a good place for a child, they illegally placed her into the home of Mary Colloney. Imagine if you were taken away from your family and home and moved into a home with a complete stranger. The people believed moving Mary Ellen Wilson in with her would only be helping the little girl escape poverty, but little did they know is that moving her into this home would only make her life worse. Mary Colloney would not only neglect little Mary Ellen Wilson but beat her severely. Mary Ellen even stated in her letter testifying what happened that “Mamma has been in the habit of whipping and…

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