Helping Others With My Enthusiasm For Developing Innovative Technologies

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Throughout my academic career, I have experimented with ways to combine my commitment to helping others with my enthusiasm for developing innovative technologies. a freshman in high school, I devoted myself to Just Water, an initiative to bring clean water to villages in India. Subsequently, I realized the difficulties of raising funds and had to put the project on hold. Around the same time, I took an AP Computer Science class that introduced me to the excitement of creating things using software. I carried this enthusiasm forward throughout high school, learning even more through side-projects, additional courses and eventually an internship at Microsoft Research.

This passion for technology combined with my desire to address the fundraising challenges I had discovered earlier, drove me to create my next social venture, Fundify. Knowing people’s everyday web searches generated billions of dollars in advertising revenue, I thought, “what if we could channel a portion of those funds towards charities?” Shortly thereafter, I developed a search engine that directs a percentage of its income towards nonprofits, essentially allowing people to donate to worthy causes for free. With Fundify, I realized I was interested in applying technology to solve social problems, positively impacting everyday lives.

During my senior year, I found myself choosing between a University of Washington computer science direct admission, and a full scholarship to the University of Southern…

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