Helping Babies Make Transitions Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… The first so many months and years of a child’s life is when they are seriously developing. If a baby’s needs are not met properly it can surely affect the physical development. There are uncountable situations in which an infant and toddler can go through periods of transition. One example would be divorces. Babies may be transported week by week staying with one parent and then the next week staying with the other. The environment they are moving in and out of could confuse them and it would help to find ways to put them at ease. I think by knowing how to respond to these transitions and help the child it will cause oneself to be successful in this area of work. After hearing stories from others working with infants and toddlers I know there are always situations that will call for knowledge of how to deal and respond to the changes in these young children’s lives. I support using the OAR process expressed in the article “Helping Babies Make Transitions.” This would provide anyone working with infants and toddlers helpful background knowledge of dealing with changes when helping

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