Essay about Helping A Fellow Boy Scout

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A couple of years ago I was helping a fellow Boy Scout who was working on completing his Eagle Sout project. We were helping the United Methodist Church expand its food bank to meat the areas growing needs. It is one of the only food banks that covers the Buda and Kyle Area. While volunteering at this Eagle Scout project I started talking to a thirteen-year-old African American boy named Reginald Johnson who came to the food bank with his family. In visiting with Reggie, I learned that his family was having a hard time and was now practically homeless. They had come to the food bank that day to help feed their family of six because his father 's unemployment check was not enough for them to make it. Reggie 's dad had been working for the last fifteen year pouring foundations for new homes and was doing well up until recently. Reggie’s father 's called company a meeting a couple of months ago and told them that they were going to need to lay off over fifty percent of the entire company. This layoff was because they were having trouble acquiring new contracts because most of the other companies were using illegal aliens for their workers and could way underbid the jobs. Like most American families the Johnsons were severely in debt and could no longer make their payments and things were going south in a hurry. They were living from payday to payday unable to build any savings to speak of. The sudden loss or employment came unexpectedly and was all it took to create this…

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