Help Vs. Hindrance On Parents

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Help Vs. Hindrance As the world progresses, as parents we expect the education of our children to progress as well. Within this progression, the state of North Carolina has spent 8 million dollars to adopt the new Common Core Standards for Math and Language Arts. These new Common Core Standards have been put into place to produce successful and college ready students. However, a problem has been created with these new standards. This has created a problem because the concepts of teaching now are a hindrance to the parents of these children being taught in this new standard, when something as simple as 10 +11 is being taught in a whole new manner than the algorithmic way parents of these children were taught. This problem of hindrance on parents could be solved by providing parents the opportunity to elect a panel to review the changes that are being discussed, to have the schools provide demonstrations at school orientations for parents, and provide educational material for parents to sign out as a reference.
As a parent we want to assist our child when facing an obstacle with his/her homework. However, this new standard has created a problem for parents in assisting their children with homework, preparing for testing, and education development. This new standard of teaching and learning for the schools has developed a hindrance that can be solved by the state taking parents into account when making new changes to the learning process for the students. After all, parents

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