Help Fight Bullying / Discrimination Essay

1023 Words Nov 29th, 2015 5 Pages
Help Fight Bullying/Discrimination in Our Schools Now! We all have been bullied or witnessed some form of bullying or discrimination in our life. It is something we can all agree is not moral but still happening in every society around the world. Bullying affects everyone one of any age, gender, and race. It even effects those with physical and mental disabilities. Bullying/discrimination can be caused by multiple reasons whether that be because of a person’s hair color, skin color or sexual orientation. There are many effects that bullying/discrimination can cause. The effects of this bullying can be drastic. In this paper I will be discussing how bullying/discrimination is unacceptable because it can cause harm both physically and mentally. Also I will discuss one of the reasons we need more observant teachers and parents to help these unfortunate children from this debauchery and lastly, I will take a look at the supposed benefits bullying/discrimination can have on youngsters today. To me, all these topics are important and should be something discussed thoroughly and often. What kind of harm can bullying/discrimination do? It can cause harm both mentally and physically. Everyone experiences bullying/discrimination differently and that is why everyone has different reactions to it. “Kids victimized by bullies are likely to suffer mental scars from the experience, according to WebMD Medical News” (What the Numbers Say). Some of those mental scars can include…

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