Helmut Usage Essay

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Helmet Usage: Should It Be Required for Adults
Gregory Boderck
June 4th, 2011
Strayer University

There is proof to present and statistical research to render that a motorcyclist wearing a helmet will not prevent head injuries or death in a serious crash. Using several studies provided by Charles Branas and Margaret Knudson, I will show that individual states with and without helmet laws show little difference in the effectiveness of a helmet in a crash. Many riders that I, myself have ridden with would rather have the choice of utilizing a helmet or not. Reasoning behind the abolishment of universal helmet law will be provided from a report filed by the National Transportation Safety Board, showing that helmets do not
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The third type is states that have no laws requiring the usage of a helmet during the operation of any type of motorcycle. Within these categories adults were evaluated based on the injuries sustained and whether a helmet was utilized during the crash.
Types of Variables Numerous factors have been reviewed and associated to causes of crashes resulting in injury and/or death. Weather variables were observed such as temperature and atmospheric conditions. Speeds during the crash were calculated and applied as a factor to the crash. Branas and Knudson (2001) writes: “As speed limits increased, riders are allowed to travel faster, rider death rates will increase” (p.644). Rider’s experience was determined and categorized. A study conducted by the Department of Epidemiology, University of Washington School of Public Health and Community Medicine, Seattle, WA, found that there was little difference in the characteristics of the riders involved in crashes. Types of areas where the crashes occurred were recorded such as a rural area or an urban area. The type of motorcycle (size and style) utilized during the crash was recorded. This was found to be a major factor related to whether a helmet was utilized or not. Alcohol consumption prior to the crash was recorded and was also proven to be a major factor

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