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Issues in Business Management and Economics Vol.1 (3), pp. 047-060, July 2013 Available online at © 2013 Journal Issues

Original Research Paper

The adoption of mobile phone: How has it changed us socially?
Accepted 7 July , 2013

Augustine Addo
Institute of Entrepreneurship and Finance, Department of Entrepreneurship and Finance, Kumasi polytechnic, P. O. Box 845, Kumasi, Ghana.
Author Email: Tel: +233263928024

Mobile phone use has changed from a percieved item of luxury to an every day necessity for many people. This study therefore examined how the adoption of mobile phones has impacted in changing the behaviour and attitude of users. Kumasi
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The mobile phone has rapidly become an integral and essential communication tool that is being used worldwide. The global cellular phone market now estimates that there were 1.8 billion subscribers in 2007 and this reached 3bn in 2010 (Reid and Reid, 2007). Mobile phones range widely in price and functionality besides, texting and voice capabilities, most phones offer tools such as address book, a variety of ring tones, a camera, an alarm clock, a calendar and MP3 player or radio, internet, and video capabilities. Mobile phones have permeated across cultural groups, economic strata and age cohorts (Katz, 2008; Ling and Donner, 2007). Since their inception mobile phones have enjoyed an especially uptake among teenagers and young adults (Baron, 2010). Though Information Communication Technology (ICT), internet and outsourcing have changed the way every business is managed by providing capabilities and have helped small or large organizations to ever changing conditions, mobile technology is going to

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