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The novel “Things Fall Apart” written by the author Chinua Achebe is a narrative about a well respected warrior named Okonkwo. Okonkwo was a warrior of the Umuofia Clan, whose cowardly father, Unoka, died in the utmost dishonor. He was in such disgrace with the village people because of his lack of providing for their every needs and unsettled debts. He showed no kind of interest in his community like he stepped up to do. For these reasons Okonkwo became a clansman, warrior, and family provider. Okonkwo figured that if he took over for his father he will conquer all visionaries of those in his tribe, including making sure his lazy son, Nwoye, will not fall into the footsteps of failure like Unoka. With that being said Okonkwo positions …show more content…
Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, every ethnicity promotes this type of violence to their significant others. Personally I witnessed this being done, not to my friend or a cousin, it was my mom. My mom, sister, and I all lived in this little home in New Jersey with my grandmother. My grandmother was a person like Oijugo, whom lets any man run over them. She had this boyfriend named Mr. Howard who was obviously attracted to my mom. One day while everyone went out for a night of bingo, my mom decided to stay home. While sound asleep she heard this pounding on the door and knowing my grandmother was not there Mr. Howard decided to pay my mom a visit. As you can guess it was not a friendly visit at all, he raped my mom. Coming home to see my mom half conscious laying on the bed filled with whelps, two black eyes, and a broken arm just made me have hatred to those men who act in this manner as to putting their hands on any woman. I despise any man that beats on their wives because of that personal experience and also because I cannot really understand why they will put themselves in a committed relationship and give vows to never do anything sinful to their wives while married but then decide to beat them because they feel it makes them more of a man. Word to the wise, you are less than a man actually, and in my opinion a devil in disguise. Is it because you are told men have more advantage over a woman physically? Well yes, I guess as far as body structure, but in

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