`` Hello, Is This Mrs. Ridge? Essay

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“Hello, is this Mrs. Ridge?” “Yes,” I manage to push out through a yawn with a hint of annoyance in my voice. “This is Captain Moore, your daughter, Sarah, was in a bad accident. She is being transported to Central Ice Hospital as we speak.” As soon as the man said “Captain” I knew something had to be wrong. As he continue I could feel the blood draining from my face and I could hardly keep from dropping the land line. Not knowing what to say I slammed the phone down as tears began to stream down my face. At some point my husband must have awoken. I could feel his stubble rubbing against my check and feel the worry seeping out of him. “It…it’s my baby. Something happened. Take me to the hospital, now,” I screamed at my husband. Immediately I regretted screaming at him, it was not his fault Sarah was hurt. But, it just slipped out. Scavenging for loose clothing around the room we both dressed for the hospital. We left in such a rush I cannot remember if I locked the doors or turned off the lights. What should have been a 15 minute ride seemed like an eternity. Each of the buildings we passed held a memory of Sarah. Even the curb by the Matson’s house. As we parked I stared into the dark, the only light coming from the hospital. The glow sent shivers down my spine. Drying my eyes as we ran into the emergency room I knew it was time to pull myself together. Sarah had to see I was strong. She could not see the concern that was deep inside. As we entered the emergency…

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