Hello Extension Committee : An Organization Essay

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Hello Extension Committee:
The women of Kappa Kappa Gamma aspire to be. It says so on our letterhead, our T-shirts, and most importantly, in our hearts. As an organization, we aspire to be among the first sororities on your campus. Thank you for considering us!
We’ve done our homework. With nearly 100 student organizations on campus, we know Hobart and William Smith Colleges are filled with people who aspire to live lives of consequence. We see students who fully immerse themselves in their collegiate journey. Students who want to transform their community and the world. Like HWS, Kappa is committed to developing the whole person as well as providing experiences that will inspire global citizens and create a better world.
In other words, we love what we’ve read and we’re ready to roll up our sleeves and do this!
HWS is comprised of strong individuals on a strong campus in a strong community. Kappa will join you with a spirit of collaboration to grow even stronger by developing women leaders through our Every Member Education initiative and providing engaging opportunities for service outreach through philanthropic efforts. It’s what we do. In fact, it’s our formula for success. Ninety-six percent of new Kappa chapters are at average chapter size within one year of Colonization. To reach your goals for chapter size, we will apply that same commitment by developing a strong foundation for the new Panhellenic community at HWS.
Why is this important? Because when Kappa commits…

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