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Hellenistic Wicca
An Introduction to Wicca
Wicca is a religion based on the Celtic beliefs in a goddess (Mother Nature) and a god (Pan). Despite the fact the religion started in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, its roots date back to the days before Christianity.
There have been many theories about the origins of Wicca, according to Gerald Gardner, an important figure in the in the Wiccan movement. Wicca dates back to the early days of man. Gardner believed it started as a religious ceremony associated with flames, hunting, fauna virility, bountiful crops, tribal virility and medicinal treatment. Gardner also postulated that Wicca evolved into a religion in which the practitioners worshiped a monotheistic being who was both masculine
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They worship the Greek gods and heroes. Instead of having one doctrine like the Bible or the Qur’an, they follow the writings of ancient authors such as Homer and Hesiod, as well as modern academic research on ancient religion and personal experiences. Hellenes believe in multiple divinities that each have unique characteristics and personalities. They also believe it is possible to cultivate a relationship with the divinities through worship and prayer. They revere the world-renowned divinities, such as Zeus and Hera, as well as nature spirits, such as Pan, nymphs, or river gods, and underworld deities, such as Persephone. They also honor heroes, such as Hercules. The type of worship may change depending on who is being venerated and may include prayers, rituals, and festivals. They usually worship in quiet and comfortable places.
Hellenismos Today

Many practitioners of Hellenismos believe that it has survived many years and is still practiced. Many of the Greek people see it as a way to express their heritage. It was estimated in a 2005 survey that there are 2,000 practitioners of Hellenismos and 100,000 who possess “some sort of interest.”

800 BCE: Greek civilization begins
776 BCE: first Olympic games
700 BCE: Works of Homer are published
700 BCE: Works of Hesiod are published
146 BCE: Greece becomes a roman colony
313 CE: Emperor Constantine makes Christianity the religion of Rome
361 CE: Julian becomes emperor of Rome and

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