Essay Hell 's Belles, By Clark Secrest

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Often times some historians have been writing just the heroic part of the history and what people want to hear, but often times forget to write the dark side of the history. Some of the dark side of history is what make a city or a country better. Knowing more about the what people did wrong in the past can inspire others to be better citizens. In the book Hell’s Belles, the editor Clark Secrest published at Boulder Co. in 2002 presents some of the dark parts of the history of Denver. The editor present some good evidence of how the early Denver was but also some of his work is not well explained and in some parts this book is repetitive. Secrest in this book presents evidence of the fist crimes, prostitution and the firs law enforcement and how this was violated early Denver. Many crimes were taking place in the early Denver, and the police enforcement was just forming and taking place in Denver. It was not easy for the police to form they had many obstacles that they had to face to be able to promote the justice in the early Denver. Some of the biggest obstacles that the police had to face were to be able to have a uniform for all their members. Whereas, in the 1800’s was not easy to obtain fabrics or material to be able to make uniforms. The necessity of having someone who could regulate the chaos in the city every time was more necessary. Every time the crimes were increasing and with that some corruption starts to bloom in the city. For some people, it was easier to…

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