`` Hell Heaven `` By Jhumpa Lahiri Essay

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Jhumpa Lahiri’s short story collection Unaccustomed Earth is filled with short stories, one of which is called “Hell-Heaven”, which is an excellent take on a young Bengali girl named Usha who was born in Berlin, Germany, (61) but is being raised in America. She lives with her two parents, her father Shyamal Da who is emotionally distant from everyone including Usha’s mother Aparna. One day walking home the pair of Usha and Aparna realize they are being followed by a fellow Bengali a student named Pranab Kaku. (61) Eventually the family welcomes him into their home and lives. This causes them to become very close, but eventually Pranab gets married and ends the relationship with the family causing extreme harm to Aparna. Jhumpa Lahiri demonstrates jealousy in “Hell-Heaven” by how it leads to harsh judgments, it leads to isolation, and it causes self-destruction.
In “Hell-Heaven” jealousy and its relation to hatred takes a key point in this story. Aparna is extremely jealous of Deborah who is Pranab’s fiancé. This is because she is in love with Pranab Kaku and Deborah is taking him away. The jealousy just eats and eats away at Aparna and drives a wedge that continues to grow from dislike to resentment, to complete hatred. Usha states, referring to the comments from her mother “He used to be so different. I don’t understand how a person can change so suddenly. It’s just hell-heaven, the difference,’ she would say, always using the English words for her self-concocted, backward…

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