Essay on Hell’s Angels: a Picture of Gang’s Delinquency

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Introduction The American street gang was always seen as a unique entity despite how it had changed over time, despite the differences of where it is located and even despite the difference in its substructure (Klein 3). This paper would discuss the unique and general nature of an American street gang. It would discuss the motorcycle gang, Hell’s Angels and how they characterized the unique nature of an American gang. It would also consider the dangerous tendencies of juvenile delinquents in fueling the growth of the American street gang member population. Gangs never just developed as an accident. Society had inadvertently produced them in such a manner that the only approach to defeating it a social problem would be the confrontation …show more content…
It was not only social and psychological forces that would lead to gang membership but other factors that were established, earlier on in a person’s life. Several models showed how there was a multidimensional nature that was involved. There were no limitations that could explain the origin of gang memberships; it could be from social structural position or family relationships (Thornberry et al. 7). Gangs were seen as social networks that embed their members in deviant routines as well as isolate them from pro-social arenas (Thornberry et al. 7). This would conceive the notion of how gang membership was seen to redirect a person’s life. Entry into a gang could deflect delinquent trajectories upward.
At the same time exit from the gang was expected to deflect a downward delinquent or criminal career. The very nature of a gang’s gathering was described to violate the municipal or the country’s ordinance (Thompson 117). “Baddest” American Street Gang: Hell’s Angels The nature of American street gangs were best exemplified and illustrated through one of the most infamous outlaw motorcycle gangs in the world. According to Kelly, the “biggest, most original, and perhaps baddest motorcycle gang ever is the Hell's Angels” (p.149). For subcultures that involved petty crimes, drifters and rebellion, the term “angel” symbolized freedom and individualism. However, for law enforcement authorities, a Hell’s Angel was synonymous to trouble. It was formed in 1947

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