Helicopter Parents Cause Extreme Forms Of Negative Effects On Children

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How does a person grow up to be who they are? Most people would say it’s the way one’s parent raises them. “A helicopter parent is a term used to describe an overprotective mother or father that discourages a child’s independence by being too involved in their life” (dictionary). Basically, it sounds like a child’s worst nightmare. We live in a society today where we feel the need to constantly protect our children. But a line is drawn when overprotection occurs. There are parents that give their children space while others, hover over them like a lost puppy. Imagine sitting in a college class and receiving an incessant amount of phone calls and texts every second of the day. It’s almost as if there 's no escape in finding oneself’s independence even when living away for four years. Helicopter parents cause extreme forms of negative effects to a child 's independence, problem solving skills, and their relationship with their parents.
A helicopter parent lacks a child from discovering their independence. “One of the primary objectives of a residential college is learning to be an independent student. That means learning how to do what needs to be done, whether one particularly feels like doing it or not. Yet helicoptering congestion persists by parental wake-up calls and day-to-day tracking of classroom attendance and homework completion” (Griffin and Russell). Helicopter parents continue their overprotective involvement in their children’s life, even during their…

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