Helen Keller's “Three Days to See” Analysis Essay

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Helen Keller was an exceptionally talented author, political activist, and an inspirational lecturer. Many of her works express the simple fragments of life which, together, fabricate the essence of living. As demonstrated in her essay “Three Days to See” Helen brings forward her imagination and desire to further understand the world in a depiction of what she would do should she be given the use of her sight for just 3 days.

Over this period, Helen wishes see as much as she can. In the first day Helen wants to see her companions whom have made her “life worth living”. Most people can recognize and distinguish their friends within a crowd, or imagine the features of an attractive idol; these abilities are just assumed to be standard
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On this day, Helen will develop a new understanding for the aftermath of industrialization. Her destination is the city where she’ll fade into the background while watching people pass, happily admiring the mesh of 10 000 individual entities; “I stroll down Fifth Avenue. I throw my eyes out of focus, so that I see no

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