Essay about Helen : A Symbol Of A Woman

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Helen is a symbol. She represents honor. She represents glory. She represents valor. By owning her, one owns all those things. She is only an object to both sides of the way. Their fighting will only cease when they are forced to cease from fighting, otherwise they will continue until they unarguably possess Helen and any other women they demand belongs to them. The possession of a woman valued as highly as Helen is necessary to assume that one possesses valor and other masculine virtues. Women are objects to be used. They are means to an end. They are bargaining chips and trophies and symbols. Women are possessions. When Paris chose to seduce Helen and steal her away, he initially did it so he could avenge the shame brought on his family because of the taking of his aunt. He did not take her to satiate any feelings of love or lust, but because he knew that owning an object valued as highly as Helen is would redeem his family and himself for the failure the protect their other property, his aunt. This is stated as much in the text with “And for an old aunt whom the Greeks held captive,/He brought a Grecian queen, whose youth and freshness/Wrinkles Apollo 's, and makes stale the morning” (2.2, lines 78-79). His old aunt, mentioned incredibly briefly, was left while he returned with the beautiful Helen. Performed almost as a trade, Paris took Helen like a begrudging thief would a diamond, for in the esteemed object was vengeance found. Women do not leave of their own accord,…

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