Heineken Advertising: Rhetoric Techniques Used In Advertising

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Advertisements are used to reach an audience to promote an idea, product, or service. Advertisers and marketers use many different creative ways to grabs the viewer attention and ultimately support the idea or purchase the product they are advertising. Some advertisements do this by appealing to your emotions. Others use rhetoric and logic to persuade you to feel a certain way or take a certain action. Heineken and Pepsi recently produced two commercials that received plenty of attention in the media and sparked some controversy. While both commercials were created to persuade the audience to purchase and consume the products advertised, they were also meant to address and initiate conversation about social issues. (115)

The Heineken Company advertises their beer by bringing three sets of people with different views patriarchy, transgenderism, and climate change. The first set of people have a different opinion on patriarchy, a system of society or government in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it (Dictionary). One of the two is a strong feminist and the other believe women are solely having children and making the home. The second set of people have a
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This commercial shows you the part of the movement that rarely happens, which is people opening to understand each other's differences just like the man who originally said, “you’re a man be a man or you're a female be a female,” then change his mind when he met a transgender woman who he was fond of. Those who are homosexual, black, Muslim, or any other discriminated group, they get hated because they are not understood as group. Those who are ignorant or lack

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