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1. What are the strengths and weaknesses of Roizen’s network at the end of the case?
Heidi Roizen has invested time and effort in developing and sustaining relationships/networks in the computer industry, especially in the Silicon Valley area, throughout her professional career.
As she moves into her venture capitalist role, her networking efforts have the following strengths -
• Includes executives including CEO’s, thereby giving her the experience of interacting with these business leaders. Since she has established relationships with many and her credibility is proven, which is an important criterion for business leaders; this is a critical skill in her new role.
• Since she is not only well known in the internet industry but is
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I have some very good friends whom I only meet once/twice per year yet the relationship has been sustained.
• Relationships have to be on an even footing. I make concerted efforts to ensure reciprocity is maintained from my end. There have been occasions in the past where I have discontinued relationships when I felt the other individual was always asking for help.
Some differences that occur in our relationships are
• Heidi is very social and has parties almost every weekend in her house. This is not the case at my place. There is a very strong emphasis in her life on networking, which is not the case for me.
• She seems to invest time in relationships with the intent of leveraging them for future benefit either for herself or other acquaintances. This becomes clear at the end of the case during her time Softbank she referred people to organizations that will help her business interest. In my case, relationships can sometimes be used to exchange ideas or just have fun without the intent of obtaining any benefit.
• I am generally not looking to bring people together for mutual benefit.
• She makes an effort of meeting new people through attending trade shows, participating in conference etc. In my role, I have opportunity to attend technical conferences but my primary intent there is to acquire knowledge rather than meet new people.
In my opinion one of the biggest reasons for the differences is our personality type. She is an out-going, high

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