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Invent Like A Startup, Invest Like A Grownup
Jeremy Clark
Co-Founder, PretotypeLabs
First Edition
Copyright © Jeremy Clark 2012 PretotypeLabs.com
This is an economics book. Before you drop it like it’s on fire and run screaming from the room, let me explain. Economics is the study of resource scarcity and choice; it helps clarify the trade-offs we face when we make decisions about where to put our time and money, when and how much we should spend or save. In the context of innovation, economics informs the type and number of innovations attempted in a given period - how bold, how aggressively pursued, and how funded. This book describes an approach to innovation decision making that can
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The picture on the cover is a trompe l’oeil (“deceives the eye”) image of a violin painted onto the inner door of the State Music Room at
Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, England. It was painted by Jan van der Vaardt in the 18th century, and for me charmingly captures the essence of pretotyping: a captivating impression of the real thing that succeeds by being not quite what it appears to be.
I dedicate this book to my late father, Peter Clark, mechanical engineer, committed pilot, lifelong fabricator of solutions. He was not, in today’s sense, a customer-focused man, but on him Britain might have placed its gold medal hopes if tinkering were an Olympic event.
Pretotyping@Work! 1!
1 “Pretotype It: Make sure you are building the right it before you build it right”, Alberto Savoia, 2011, available on Amazon.com as a Kindle download.
The bottom line of this book!! ! ! ! ! ! 3
Rational Inve(n/s)tor Behavior! ! ! ! ! ! 5
Invent Like a Startup
1! The Laws of Failure! ! ! ! ! ! ! 10
2! Playing smarter! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 16
3! A wrench in the innovation toolbox! ! ! ! 28
Invest Like a Grownup
4! Don’t believe it, prove it!!! ! ! ! ! 31
5! Building confidence incrementally! ! ! ! 39
6! Pretotyping for all reasons!! ! ! ! ! 42
APPENDIX 1: Pretotyping Worksheets! ! ! ! ! 44
! PretoStorming worksheet: for experiment design
! Pretotyping metrics worksheets: for calibration
APPENDIX 2: About the

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