Hegemonic Masculinity In Michael B. Jordan's 'Creed'

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I am not usually one for boxing movies, because I do not understand why people would want to get hit multiple times and have people watching. Especially at the end when Adonis’ right eye is completely swollen shut, that is not something I could every imagine thinking going through is a good idea. However, boys are taught at a young age to be tough and that fighting is a normal thing. You always see shows where boys get in fights and their fathers are all happy about it and the mother is all upset about her little boy getting hurt. Boys are taught that fighting is a way to be masculine. In the movie Creed, the idea of masculinity is a huge part of the movie. Michael B. Jordan who plays Adonis Johnson is an example of Orthodox masculinity. …show more content…
However, you see through the movie that his tough hegemonic side breaks down when he goes to the cemetery to visit his wife and friends graves and when he starts training Adonis. Another way is when he realizes he has cancer. He tries to keep that tough hegemonic personality but receiving news like that can make any “tough guy” break down. One message with using dominant gaze is that young men who do not have their fathers, we are supposed to see it as okay for them to be aggressive and get in trouble unless they have a wealthy person to take them in. “As young Black men “abandoned” by their fathers and left to fend for themselves, society expects them to lack direction, or immediately assume that whatever direction they do have isn’t leading anywhere good”. In the movie we are supposed to see that as black boy who has no father Adonis has no direction and just wants to show he is still a man by fighting. Another message using dominant gaze is you still need to be tough when life hands you a great unfortunate event. When Rocky finds out he is sick he refuses the treatment because he saw how it did not help his wife, and for the rest of the film he does not let the fact that he is sick keep him down. It is showing men that even when you are sick you need to stay tough and not

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