Essay on Hegemonic Masculinity, By Raewyn Connell

1262 Words Jul 10th, 2015 null Page
The term hegemonic masculinity is defined as the idealised form of masculinity in society. It is also used to describe the formation of practices that allow the dominance and subordination of women to continue. The dominance is not only subjected externally to the opposite gender, but is also subjected internally and allows hegemonic masculinity to have dominance over the softer, or weaker masculinities in society as well. In this essay, Raewyn Connell’s concept of Hegemonic masculinity will be explored, providing history and context in how it relates to today’s society. The essay will then explore and discuss how hegemonic masculinity can is connected to male violence, or violent behaviour, particularly in relation to hate crimes against homosexuals. This connection will be further explored and the essay will demonstrate how the concept of hegemonic masculinity may illuminate the understanding of hate crimes against homosexuals, such as the notion of the weak among masculinities.

Masculinity is best defined as set behaviours, practices and languages, which are refined to specific cultural or organisational locations and are frequently associated with males within society (Itulua-Abumere, 2013). It is a term that is socially and culturally fabricated to aid in gender identity and co-exists with the opposed femininity, which is associated commonly with females. Throughout literature there have been studies that analyse and demonstrate that there are numerous patterns of…

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