Hector Tobar 's Deep Down Dark Essay

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Hector Tobar’s Deep Down Dark The Untold Stories of 33 Men Buried in a Chilean Mine and the Miracle That Set Them Free was not written as a journalistic piece to make him rich and famous. The purpose of this book was for Tobar to create a work of art that would show not only the events when the Chilean miners were trapped in the mine, but also to show the miners themselves. As shown in the rewrite of the passage, the entire feel and perspective of the book would have been different if Tobar simply wrote the events that people wanted to know and ignored the emotions of the miners. Tobar shows through his style of writing that he cared about the people involved and not only in the tragedy and the rewrite shows how the book could have been written if displaying the information was the only goal. Simply by visiting Alex Vega just to share a meal with him, Tobar clearly displays that he has a connection with him as a person. For instance, Tobar says “The last time I meet with Alex Vega and his family, it’s not to interview them but to share a meal together” (Tobar 304). Also, Tobar includes a song that was written about the men while they were trapped in the mine in both Spanish and English, “Se desintegran las rocas del cerro los mineros pronto saldran… The rocks of the mountain fall apart the miners will soon come out” (156). These examples are valuable to us, not because they change the main events of the mine collapse, but as readers, we come to know more about how these…

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