Hebrews, By John Hebrews Essay

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Hebrews was traditionally thought to be a letter, authored by Paul, and addressed to “the Hebrews.” This is unlikely, however. Hebrews read far more like sermon than a letter, and may be an example of early Christian preaching. The author is entirely unknown, but appears to be very knowledgable about Christianity and about the culture of his time. The author shows familiarity with Pauline theology, but is probably not Paul. The author of Hebrews writes in extremely sophisticated language which does not match Paul’s, or even Luke’s, style.The audience is probably a group of Christians whoa re facing persecution of some kind, and need words of exhortation. Hebrews 2:1-9 appears after a discussion of the Son’s superiority to the prophets and to the angels. Various Old Testament passages are quoted to make this argument. The author then goes on to explain this further. Naturally, the audience may have considered angels to be superior due to the human body of Jesus. After this explanation, which begins in 2:1 and continues through the chapter, the author will go on to argue that Jesus is also greater than Moses. The context of the previous chapter helps to clarify what is being argued in this pericope. If the pericope is taken out of context, it might seem as if humanity is being compared to angels, or told they will subject the Earth. The context of the previous chapter helps to bring Jesus into focus, as opposed to humanity in general. The argument follows roughly as…

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