Hebrews As A Christian Of Jewish Heritage Essay

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Hebrews is a letter that was likely written to Jewish Christians prior to 70 AD, as the author refers to the temple in the present tense. (ESV study Bible) The temple was destroyed in 70 AD; if Hebrews was written after that time, it would be assumed the author would refer to the temple in the past tense. ( ESV study Bible) The writer of the book of Hebrews is unknown, but believed to also be a Christian of Jewish heritage. (ESV study Bible) Some possible authors are Barnabas and Apollos (Serendipity Bible, 1667) Additionally, due to the nature of the writing, multiple sources have noted it is likely the author was a leader within the early Church, specifically over the believers he is addressing. Though there is nothing definitive that Hebrews is a letter, as it is lacking a formal greeting, the closing paragraphs of the book are similar to those in letters. (ESV Study) It should be noted that the scholars of the Serendipity Bible have written, “Hebrews appears to be a written sermon directed to Jewish Christians…” (Serendipity Bible, 1667). Therefore, if the book of Hebrews is not considered to be a letter of affirmation of Christ and encouragement, it is a sermon in writing of those very topics. A letter, or epistle, is written for a specific audience, whether an individual, as in Philemon, or an entire congregation as we find in Corinthians. Epistles are also written for a specific purpose, to clarify teaching, to rebuke, explain, correct false teaching, or to…

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