Hebrew Language And The English Language Essay

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However, the original language literally reads: “And was evening and was morning day one,” And Moses referred to each of the remaining days of that week as, “day second,” “day third,” etc... In the Hebrew language and the English language, when a definite number precedes the word “yom” or “day” the meaning of the term is literal. Therefore, the days of creation week were solar days of 24 hours; days as we know them today..
Years after the creation, Moses wrote “For in six days God made heaven and earth…” (Ex. 20:11) Whatever the meaning of the word “day” was when Moses wrote Exodus, it had the same meaning in Genesis; else Moses statement about the six days has absolutely no meaning.
Also, the days of Genesis are divided into two periods; light and darkness. If those days were millions of years long, the plant life survived through half of those millions of years in darkness. And by the same standard of time measurement, Adam lived millions and millions of years in the Garden of Eden.
The days of creation week were literal 24 hour days.
Melchizedek was “king of Salem” (Jerusalem), and a “priest of the Most High God.” (Heb. 7:1) He is first mentioned in Genesis 14, when He went out to meet Abraham. Abraham had defeated Chedorlaomer and Melchizedek took bread and wine to the warriors and blessed Abraham. Then, Abraham gave the kingly priest a tenth of all the spoils they had taken. Abraham gave this tithe in recognition of his duty and responsibility…

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