Heaven Is for Real Book Review Essay

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Heaven is for Real I) The Title of this literature is “Heaven is for real” and the author is Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent. II) The Brupo family lives in Imperial, Nebraska. Sonja and Todd Burpo are the parents of four wonderful children. Cassie, Colton, Colby, and one daughter that passed away due to maternal complications, are the children of Sonja and Todd Burpo. While on vacation during 2003, The Burpos family visited Denver Butterfly Pavilion. It was to celebrate Todd’s recovery from a shattered leg, kidney stones, and hyperplasia (a lump in his chest). Colton falls ill to feverish symptoms and what appeared to be a “stomach virus” (uncontrollable vomiting), so the fun ended early for the Burpo family. When he is transferred to …show more content…
During the way, Todd jokingly scolds Colton and asks him “Do you want to go back to the hospital?” but Colton said he did not want to go, he instead insisted them to send Cassie. When Colton’s mom had asked him if he remembered the hospital, he responded by saying “Yes, Mommy, I remember… That’s where the angels sang to me.” Not taking it seriously, they thought maybe he had a dream. But Colton then goes on to say that he “went up out” of his body, “spoken with angels” (Burpo, 61), and “sat in Jesus’ lap” (Burpo, 61). Colton was even able to say where his parents were and what they were doing while the doctor was “fixing” him up. His father was in a room praying, and his mother was on the phone with family members and also praying. This definitely shocked the Burpos and it was then that they realized that something extraordinary happened to their son. This is when the Burpos itched to get more details out of him about Heaven and what he experienced. The first description about Heaven he mentioned was “rainbows.” “There’s lots of colors…in Heaven.. That’s where all the rainbow colors are.” Todd eventually asked Colton what Jesus looked like and amazingly Colton responded by saying exactly what the question had asked. “ And he has brown hair and he has hair on his face.. and his eyes… oh, Dad, his eyes are so pretty!” In addition, having no knowledge about the Crucifixion of Jesus, Colton tells his father that “Jesus has

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