Heaven, And The Earth Essay

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In the Beginning God created the heavens, and the earth, he created light by simply speaking it into existence. He created the land and the sea which he then put plants and vegetation on. He then created the creatures of the earth, and then ultimately he created us, human beings, which he created in reflection of his image to populate and glorify him (Genesis 1-2 ESV). As we see, God was actively involved in his creation since the very beginning, carefully putting all the pieces into place in order to create a world which we could inhabit all with one goal of worshiping and glorifying God. Unfortunately the temptation of sin was too much for the human heart to resist on its own, and instead of turning to a God of grace and mercy for the strength we needed man fell and have been sinners ever since (Genesis 3 ESV). But God continued to actively pursue us, sending us a Savior and it is this very triune God that is still pursuing us and is actively involved in his creation to this very day. The Bible gives us reinforcing proof of a faithful and never failing God. Because of this and the infallibility of the Bible we can have complete confidence that God will continue to be involved as we see throughout the New Testament. Gods involvement not only extends to all aspects of our lives but he is providentially at work in our homes, our relationships, and all area’s of our lives using us for the sole purpose of glorifying him and moving his kingdom forward.

One key area of our…

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