Heathline Article Why Do People Bully Others?

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Why do people bully others? Heathline article How to Stop Bullying in Schools states “Bullying is a behavior that can include any one of a whole range of actions that cause physical or emotional pain, from spreading rumors to intentional exclusion to physical abuse.” For centuries bullying has existed and is still going on in the world. People bully others for numerous reasons. Jealousy, the need for power, and anger and frustration are some reasons why people bully others. First, jealousy is one of the leading causes of bullying. Jealousy can be a huge contributor to causing a person to become envious of another person. Success, possessions, special treatment, and physical characteristics are some reasons why people become jealous and envious …show more content…
By belittling another person, one could get the feeling of being more powerful than others. In most cases bullies tend to pick on those that are smaller and weaker. Bullies tend to pick on those that cannot protect and defend for themselves. Even though a lot of cases of bully is physical, there are some cases of nonphysical bullying. People will use the advantages that they possess to bully a person in order to feel more powerful. A key factor to gain power by bullying is intimidation. Intimidation causes for a person or a group of people to feel weak and eventually give up or surrender. Common Causes of Bullying states “To increase their popularity or power, bullies turn their wrath on victims who are perceived as weaker than them. They will never zone in someone they will be able to challenge or stand up to them.”(2014) A bully feeds off the weak to have a sense of power. Even in the school system one would bully for power. Common Causes of Bullying states “Bullies need to be in control. Kids who pushes others around are driven by the need for …show more content…
When left untreated bullying can have some do serious harm. Healthline states “Bullying is a problem that can derail a child’s schooling, social life, and, most importantly, their emotional well being.”(2014) Common Causes of Bullying states “Bullying is a serious issue that’s not going to go away until parents, teachers and administrators address the reasons why kids bully in the first place.”(2014) The battle against bullies is a community fight. It takes every last person in a community to help put an end to people being bullied. One of the best ways to help prevent a child from being a bully in the future is to be a positive role model to him or her. Common Causes of Bullying States “Teach your child good social behavior from an early age. Being a positive role model can influence potential bullies, targets, and bystanders.”(2014) Another step is to talk and work with the bully. In some cases the bully might as feel as if he or she is doing nothing wrong. Healthline states “Bullies first need to recognize that their behavior is bullying. They then need to understand that bullying will lead to negative consequences.”(2014) Being proactive against bullying will help to put an end to bullying all around the world. Jealousy, the need for power, and anger and frustration are some of the key causes of

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