Heathcliff Bronte 's Wuthering Heights Essay example

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Throughout the novel Heathcliff struggles with his position and social status in the Earnshaw household after the death of Mr. Earnshaw. He wants to progress forward in his education and gain respect from the residents of Wuthering Heights but he gets nowhere with Hindley 's abuse and mistreatment and Catherine´s coercion. There are several limits that Heathcliff tries to overcome to rise above his status as a homeless orphan and later a slave with no education. Hindley´s abuse and degradation, Catherine´s actions and feelings towards him and the oppression he feels from society. Heathcliff has a strong sense of will that motivates him to take his revenge against Hindley for the way he treated him and to get back at Catherine for her betrayal.
For the first few chapters after Heathcliff enters Wuthering Heights he is referred to as an “it” and severely mistreated by most everyone in the household. The servants don’t know how to treat him at first and are confused by Mr. Earnshaw’s favoritism towards Heathcliff and Hindley’s pure hatred toward him. Eventually Hindley’s initial hatred turns into envy and jealousy for Heathcliff’s relationship with his own father. This hatred and jealousy sparks a continuous cycle of abuse and mistreatment. Chapter 4 says to Hindley Heathcliff was the “usurper of his father’s affections”. During chapter 5 Hindley is sent off to college and returns three years later in chapter 6 for his father’s funeral with a wife, Frances. He stays at…

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