Heat and Temperature Essay

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Introduction to Heat and Temperature
Gonzalo Leon
Strayer University

Introduction to Heat and Temperature
Relation between the Study of Heat and Kinetic Theory
Kinetic theory can be describes as a scientific theory of the movement of an object. Kinetic theory relates to capacity of a subject to do work on another object due to their motion. Kinetic theory of matter explains that the same is compose of tiny pieces of, atoms or molecules in continues motion. The theory states that the actions of matter inside an object and the actions heat generates. Kinetic theory explains as well the temperature transition by the means of transmission, where thermal powers shows to be conducted throughout matter, heating up cooler
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Natural heat has been use in prehistoric times as a tool utilize from our ancestor such as the sun and volcanoes, however now a days we have various alternative sources of heat that have assisted to the development of today’s society as we know it.
Temperature is the measurement of the quantity of heat or coldness of a subject or substance in reference to a standard value (Webster Dictionary). Temperature can also be described as the measurement of the most common Kinetic energy of the particles in a matter sample, express in the form of existing measurements in units and degrees of the common scale. In today society we regulate heat by utilizing temperature measuring devices to our advantage. Temperature measurement sources vary from many different types of use, from Thermostat to measure the amount of heat on a human body to different electrical measuring devices of temperature (Webster Online Dictionary).
Relation between Heat and Temperature Heat is a type of energy that is often transformed into Kinetic energy. Temperature is the measurement of energy inside a subject, body or object. Heat equates to energy, and temperature is the measurement of the effect of that energy. The same reason we use to note the difference between heat and temperature as stated prior and mentioned above, Temperature is the average energy of the movement of molecules within a subject as to heat is the total amount of energy of the molecular

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