Betrayal In Hamlet

What would you be willing to do in the face of betrayal? How far would you be willing to go to avenge a loved one? What unspeakable things would you do in the face of heartbreak? All of these questions are answered for one man. In William Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, Hamlet discovers that his father has been murdered by his own brother. Hamlet seeks to right the wrong done to his father, but is faced with many challenges along the way, such as having his mother marry the murderer of his father. Hamlet attempts to overcome all of these obstacles, but, in the end, Hamlet eventually meets his demise. In essence, the forces of heartbreak, revenge, and betrayal play a pivotal role in Hamlet’s downfall.
Heartbreak and losing the people we love can
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The greatest factor that steered Hamlet’s life into ruin was Claudius’s treachery upon King Hamlet. The murder of Hamlet’s father is ultimately the underlying cause of Hamlet’s problems. If Claudius hadn’t killed King Hamlet, none of the events that took place in Shakespeare’s play would have happened. Hamlet probably would have been able to continue his education at Wittenberg and lived a long and happy life. Claudius’s betrayal did happen, however, and made Hamlet face the many demons and challenges. To cover up and hide his treachery from the world, Claudius is deceitful and makes several attempts on Hamlet’s life. Because Hamlet knows of Claudius’s treason, Hamlet is seen as a threat that must be taken out. According to Shakespeare, Claudius is so determined to hide his betrayal that he eggs on Laertes to kill Hamlet by proclaiming that “Revenge should have no bounds”. (4.7.127) Claudius attempts to not only kill Hamlet himself, but to have others attempt the same feat as well. Hamlet fought the forces of betrayal by seeking revenge on those who had been unfaithful to his father. Betrayal put Hamlet in a mindset that made his taking revenge on those who had done wrong

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