Heart Rate Lab Essay

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Aspect 1: Defining the problem and selecting variables

In this lab, we will be studying the difference of heart rate between boys and girls. There are many things that can increase heart rate, such as exercise, drinking coffee, taking certain pills, drinking an energy drink, feeling a strong emotion, etc. I have chosen to use exercise as a means of increasing the heart rate of my subjects, more precisely, 20 sit-ups. There are many reasons why your heart rate increases when you exercise, the most important one being that your muscles require more oxygen and nutrients. For this requirement to be met the heart needs to pump more blood to the muscles, hence the heart rate increases.

Problem: Determining the difference, if
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According to the results, the change of heart rate in girls is lower than that of boys. This could be interpreted as girls having a lower heart rate, but the uncertainties and standard deviation demonstrate the randomness of the results, which most likely means that there is no or almost no relation between heart rate and gender. It is other factors that tend to affect your heart rate, such as, fitness, obesity, nutrition, stress level, etc. That is why when you research on the internet what the average heart rate of say, a woman is, you tend to get information on what the average person’s heart rate should be.

Aspect 2: Evaluating procedures

Evaluation: There are various factors that could have affected the results of this experiment. For example: * What the subject might have consumed before the experiment; if the subject had previously drank coffee or an energy drink or some kind of pill, their heart rate might have already been higher than usual to start with. * Many of

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