Heart of Darkness: A Character’s Walk to a Station Essay

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This passage, told from the viewpoint of a character, describes said character’s walk to a station. On the way, he encounters a group of dying black people, overworked and starved, as well as a spotless white man. The passage is mainly concerned with giving thorough descriptions of each, and thus establishing a direct contrast between the two appearances.
This passage is told from a first-person point of view, and the narrator is clearly a figure involved in the story. In fact, at least in this passage, the speaker is the central character, recounting his story to the reader. The passage is written in past tense, which further adds to the impression that the story is being directly recounted to the reader by one of the characters, who has
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The speaker clearly contrasts the black workers with the white man he encounters. In fact, the passage appears to be constructed so that the two are put next to each other and convey this heavy contrast to the reader – it can be assumed that this contrasting impression is the writer’s purpose here.
The writer uses many repetitions to place emphasis on his descriptions – he often uses a series of adjectives with similar meanings to describe something vividly. One example of this is “pain, abandonment, and despair.” The speaker places a lot of emphasis on how the black workers are wasting away, for example, he uses an alienating overstatement to demonstrate the severity of their state when he says “they were nothing earthly now.” These people have been reduced to nothing more than “black shadows of disease and starvation” – here, the author uses both a metaphor and personification to add to the impact on the reader.
The author uses his descriptions to convey vivid imagery, which emphasizes the contrast he establishes between the black men and the white man. He appeals especially to the reader’s sense of color by frequently repeating “black” and “white” – “black shapes”, “black shadows”, “black bones”, and “black neck” directly contrast with the “white thread”, “white man”, and

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