Heart Of Darkness By Joseph Conrad Essay

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Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad is, undoubtedly, a story devoted to darkness. Through its tone, theme, and setting, Heart of Darkness leaves the reader feeling many different emotions: sadness, anger, depression—realizations about the world we live in can be difficult—but does it leave a reader laughing? One might find it difficult to believe that there is any amount of humor inside Heart of Darkness, but that would depend mostly on the person reading it. Robert D. Ford certainly found some humor in Heart of Darkness and wrote a paper about it titled “The Humor in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness.” Robert D. Ford’s paper conveys the idea that there is humor within Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, and that idea certainly holds merit. To begin, a reader of this essay must have, at the very least, a basic knowledge of Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, due to the essay being about the humor hidden within the tale. On top of that, to agree with Ford, a reader must also have an appreciation for sarcasm and deadpan humor. Ford goes on and on about Marlow’s use of deadpan humor within the story. Ford, supporting his idea, uses the example of Marlow’s story about his predecessor, who was killed over chickens. Ford comments on how Marlow says that progress had claimed the chickens, saying:” The joke, of course, is in the reversal: Progress should refer to the successful cultivation of natives, but instead it refers to death by chickens.” In fact, this is a rather deadpan joke, and one…

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