Similarities Between 'Pride And Prejudice'

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Umar Malick
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Throughout A Heart Of Darkness by Joseph Conrad and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, the two novels repeatedly brush together in regards to the themes present in their respective enitites, themes such as lying, trying to be made to be seen as justified through the coming to a wanted conclusion and the inferior treatment of a perceived lower class by those whom percieve themselves to be at higher place/class than the aforementioned. As stated, in both books it is quite clear that some of the characters will do whatever is necessary (mostly lying) in an attempt to come to a desirable conclusion for the respective character, and often times the character in question would
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In a Pride and Prejudice this is very obvious, with Darcy originally looking down the Bennetts as the girls would have no money or property after their fathers death, as well as Darcy percieving the Bennets to be not of his class, ill mannered and unaccomplished. There is no doubt that Darcy looked down upon the Bennets, and it was so much so that he convinced Bingly to not propose to Jane, and although there were other reasons as well the aforementioned was the untobtdly the driving factor behind Darcies prejudice. Later on in the novel, Elizabeth sits on the higher proverbial pedestal and looks down on Darcy as she sees him as a terrible person and refuses his proposal, believing that Darcy is beneath her, especially due to some misjudgments, such as being told a lie about Mr. Darcy and Wickhams cold past, with the tables turning and Elizabeth becoming the "Prejudice" and Darcy becoming the "Pride". In A Heart of Darkness this is seen when Mr. Kurtz describes the natives as savages and even puts the heads of some of the natives on pikes as a 'testament ' to his greatness. Mr. Kurtz has no care for the savages and treats them like animals as he obviously sees himself as being better than the natives and has no regard at all for the natives in

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