Heart Failure And Its Effects On The Elderly Population Essay

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Heart failure is a chronic, debilitating disease affecting 5.1 million Americans; approximately 875,000 new cases are diagnosed each year (Sterne, Grossman, Migliardi, and Swallow, 2014). Heart failure is more commonly diagnosed in the elderly population. There are ways to help manage heart failure like lifestyle modifications and use of pharmacology, and assessment for surgical intervention. Treatment of heart failure requires intensive medical, dietary, behavioral, and lifestyle modification to achieve improved quality of life, fewer hospitalizations, and decreased mortality (Singh, H., McGregor, Nigro, Higginson, and Larsen, 2014). Heart failure is a complex condition that requires multidisciplinary collaboration to assist with symptom management. Heart failure patients need to modify their lifestyles for example, limiting sodium intake, weighing daily and calling the primary care provider with a 2-3 pounds weight gain overnight, swelling on legs, feet, ankles, abdomen, and any sign of shortness of breath. Nurses need to educate patients and families about heart failure exacerbation warning signs is crucial to ensure the patient seeks care in a timely manner. Collaborating with a nutritionist in educating heart failure is vital to ensure patients adhere to low sodium and fluid restriction as directed to prevent readmission with acute heart failure exacerbation.
Treatment Modalities
Certain patient behaviors such as exercise have significantly positive…

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