Essay on Heart Failure : A Common Disease

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Heart failure is a very common disease and it affects 5.8 millions of the American population and over 23 million worldwide and the number is rising (1). There are multiple causes of the heart failure: ischemic heart disease and non ischemic heart failure (due to Alcohol, HIV, post partum…). There are two types of the heart failure: heart failure with reduced EF ( HfrEF) and heart failure with preserved EF ( HfpEF). The Median prevalence of systolic heart failure was 5.5 and diastolic heart failure was 36% and all type of heart filature had a median prevalence rate of 11.8 % with HfpEF more common than the HfrEF (median prevalence 4.9% vs. 3.3%. (2). There are 5 classes of the heart failure according to the NYHA classification (functional classification, according to the severity of the symptoms). There are 4 stages of the heart failure according to The American College of Cardiology (ACC) and the American Heart Association (AHA) according to the development of the disease: Stage A : high risk for the heart failure but no symptoms and no structural heart disease. Stage B structural heart disease but no signs or symptoms of the hf. Stage C structural heart disease with symptoms. Stage D: refractory hf and need interventions. Stage D heart failure is a refractory type of heart failure to optimal medical treatment with ACEI,beta blockers, diuretics and angiotensin antagonist. There are half of millions of end stage heart failure with reduced EF ( HfrEF) and the average…

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