Essay about Healthy Start

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This essay will discuss healthy start as a current healthcare initiative in the United Kingdom. It will also look at the historical overview of healthy start its aim and how the initiative is structured, problems associated with in adequate nutrition with relation to socioeconomic status and the effectiveness of health promotion/health education will be reviewed with its implication to health care delivery, finally this write up will discuss about different nursing theories and models, which promote healthy start and how the knowledge of transcultural nursing and reflective practise will promote nursing practice.
The history of a healthy start is as far as 2002 when similar initiatives were in place, namely National
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Apart from the physiological effect, not getting adequate nutrition and the necessary vitamins also have its psychological effect: in adult it could cause depression and self neglect. Whereas in children it have been found to decrease their intelligence quotient levels, cognitive function and sometimes it could be associated with behavioural problems that last till adulthood (Gregory 2010) this in turn affects the society as this may increase the dependency ratio..
The chain of event is such that when immunity is reduced due to inadequate intake of nutritious meal the individual is predisposed to being sick often, prolonging the recovery time and encourages long hospital stay, (Holick and Chen, 2008) during hospitalisation they are predisposed to hospital acquired infections e.g. meticillin resistance staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) (Kielmann, Powel, Sheikh, Price, Williams and Pinnach, 2009)
Overall this piles up a high cost on the National Health Services. Information sourced from the British association for parenteral and enteral nutrition (2005) shows that malnutrition is costing the UK government 7.3 billion pounds annually due to long hospital stay and frequent visiting to the GP. These national problems can be tackled by making available nutritious diet to mothers and infant (Albon and Murkherji 2008). Because the effect of low income is exaggerated by

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