Healthy School Lunch A Lost Cause Essay

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Healthy School Lunch a Lost Cause
Today a healthy lunch is what the schools lack because it is so expensive so some kids choose not to eat lunch, which causes schools to lose money. Fruit is a highly priced commodity due to it needing to be fresh so that it is healthy. Ruth Iser on the school board who manages our lunches has to fit a calorie schedule for the week along with staying in budget for the lunch; and the cost for the shipments is not cheap, so when the cost for the supplies goes up so does the lunch cost to stay with in budget. The history of a growing problem of obese students due to the unhealthy lunches and foods is deplorable; the negative effects from these lunches being served is appalling, and then ways the awful situation can be improved. Today 's school lunch is appalling, even deplorable by students standards, and should be improved upon to make a healthier meal.
The horrible lunches are not caused by the ¨sweet lunch ladies¨, but by what they are givin to serve to the students as a lunch meal. The government issued program; Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 requires school lunch programs to serve healthier food: fewer calories and starches, more fruits and vegetables. So they are trying to prevent the horrible problems but not successfully. The government is pushing for healthier lunches because of the growing problems caused by obesity, so they are trying to prevent these problems. The school corporation has shipments of food delivered to the…

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